Principal Electrical Engineer at Inspire Innovo

Principal Electrical Engineer at Inspire Innovo

Job Type
Posting Date
August 8, 2016
Location of Position

Huntsville, AL

Company Summary

Every revolutionary product starts with one idea.

We are looking for people with ideas that will transform our business, delivering customer products unlike anything the industry has ever seen.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Support interfacing disciplines such as electrical, software, test, customer support, manufacturing, product management and project management
  • Excel in systems integration and test
  • Review customer feedback and test performance to make required updates to design
  • Review requirements and determine feasibility
  • Review schematics and PCB layout
  • Support release of final product into production, and support project manager with closing out internal tollgates
  • Possess strong troubleshooting/debug skills to be able to mitigate issues that come up during validation testing, driving quick resolution
  • Capable of performing advanced engineering debug tasks with standard lab debug tools (oscilloscope, signal generator, spectrum analyzer, multi-meter, phase noise measurement, VNA, etc.)
  • Design, develop, modify and evaluate complex electronic assemblies for use in a wide range of Mil/aero applications
  • SI Modeling of complex circuits
  • Interface with vendors to build prototypes
Position Requirements
  • Prior experience using Mentor Graphics capture and layout tools.
  • Minimum of 5 years design experience with electronics focus in Mil/Aero market
  • In Depth Experience with FPGA’s from major vendors i.e. Xilinx, Intel(Altera), Lattice, etc.
  • Experience designing various processor architectures including Intel, PowerPC, ARM, NVIDIA and AMD.
  • Experience with high-speed fabrics including PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet, Aurora, SRIO, etc.
  • Creative design solutions both Electrical/Mechanical integration.
  • Experience with complex PCB fabrication technologies such as blind, buried, micro and stacked via’s.
Required Experience

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Inspire Innovo prides itself on being an Equal Opportunity Employer.